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The Profile of a Starseed


by 2nd Lieutenant Julieanux

The true depth of a star seed is more than just being and doing. It's the all that is within and without the soul of a being. It is the feel and the touch and the hearing and seeing of all senses.

As I could smell the fresh sea breeze, it was like I was the breeze, for it consumed me, like an aqua mixed with the transparent foam of undulating joy that makes you want to be part of it totally. The feel is like silk that refreshes your body inside and out you want to be the breeze and nourish everything that you touch. You want to be the mermaid or dolphin that jumps and plays in this most wonderful place of all the sea.

As your soul keeps on the journey, you next feel the essence of the bond mate as he or she, whichever gender you are, can feel the touch of the loved one and the caress of the slight touch, as a hand so slightly touches your face and your hair, in a loving embrace, of sadness because of not being able to be in the same dimension. But, nonetheless, you know the other is near, and you can even feel the shadow when the loved one drops by.

But all you can do is be there and know that it is real. Then you can hear the soft whisper of the beloved one, and he or she can tell you that all is OK and you are being protected. But even though you cannot answer back, it is a joy to hear the soft voice that is for you only, so then you know this is all real.

 Your senses just seem to know this is truly a gift from the bond mate, even though you can't see the other half, you can feel they are there for you. It is like you are the touch and you are the voice that whispers to the other, oh so silently, for you don't have to see to believe, you just know. Yes, beloved ones, they are with us, they are flesh and blood, but on a highly evolved dimension.

As you explore these senses, you begin to fly as if you were the wind in the freedom of the space of knowing how wonderful it is to just be there and being within and out of the clouds of a cotton candy lightness, that is both sweet and refreshing at the same time. You are the rain as it gently falls to the earth to nourish all life. You are the water that falls from a cliff and does a dance of joy that only you can know. Yes, this is true bliss, of true unlimited freedom.

To feel, to see with the inner eye as well as the outer eye, to hear with the inner ear as well as the outer ear, is a true awakening. To speak with your mind, and not your lips, this is truly what is missed by those that cannot find the way. To know without asking, this is true of being awake to your inner soul that awaits you, so you can journey within, and not have a care in the world but with no fear, for fear limits you, and limits keep you from becoming awake.

To be fearless is to be able to do a wonder of many things, for the pure joy of doing. For all is as it should be.


 2nd Lieutenant Julieanux
and Commander Sanni Ceto



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