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Sara's Profile


Dear Star Seeds and Light Workers,

This is in answer to the Galactic Citizen Survey:

I have many ties to different worlds, but the main ones are in the Pleiades area. I am from Meropia 2 and also lived on Lyra 2. I am here because I volunteered to come to Earth to help get rid of the Reptoids, and also to help humans to stop being a warring breed, and get rid of hatred and greed and so much lust.

I have many missions to do before going home. As far as how people perceive me, that is hard to say, really, but I have noticed that they do not believe what I say as being true, and so they go to someone else to seek it. In other words, they can't figure me out, but I know why, and so I will continue to stay in the background until it's my time to come into my duty.

Yes, I have seen many UFOs. The UFOs are here to observe us and protect us, and when they feel they need to intervene — when we are threatened in any way — they will. They are here among us now, but unless you are open, you are not aware of them.

I get along fairly with other humans, and I do my best not to give any info they are not ready for. But, yes, I get along with them.

Yes, I have many life missions. By doing them and not just saying I am, for when you say you are going to do something, half the time it does not get done. Some of my missions are top secret.

As far as knowing any Indigos, I was one in a past lifetime. Yes, I know a lot of star people — some are awake and some are not awake yet. Yes, I am psychic, and it becomes stronger every day. Yes, I do have some physical abnormalities, an extra vertebrae in my neck, which at times is painful, and when I was younger I had to have an extra tooth removed that was under my teeth on the bottom.

Yes, I watch TV, and my favorites are EXTREME MAKEOVER-HOME, and CSI and MEDIUM and GHOST WHISPERER, and BONES. As far as being entertained, when I am lucky to get a ride there, and the tickets, I love to go to the Hollywood Bowl to hear the music under the stars, or go to a ballet or anything to do with dancing.

The colors that attract me the most are Sapphire Blue, Emerald Green Purple and Lavender, Peach and Aqua and Turquoise, Candy Apple Red, and a Soft Yellow.

My dreams are not really dreams but visions, and they are messages for me, and they are getting to be more and more now. Yes, I am artistic and love science, but mechanics I am not into. Yes, I am a multi-tasker. Yes, I am a collector of books, shells, rocks and crystals, etc.

I like Oprah and Irish music, and sometimes country and some new age meditative music. I do not need music in the background or people talking, because after a while it gets on my nerves. I like quiet. I would much rather be by myself, for I can do more this way, and it does not bother me to be alone.

I don't smoke, I tried it once and didn't like it, it made me sick. Yes, I am particular about what I eat, and I don't like to eat in public. As far as clothes, I like to be comfortable when at home, but when I go someplace, I dress in a proper way.

The areas in which I would like to live are in the woods of Oregon or Canada, or in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, or in the cooler part of Arizona. If I was to take a vacation, it would either be Ireland or the Bimini Islands.

I do not need to search for my special one, for he is with me in thought, word and feel.

My boys were not like me; two of them are not living. My only phobia is deep water and driving. I like cats, but now have a dog, and she chose me, it's a spiritual thing. Animals seem to like being with me, and that's an energy thing.

I love the forests and streams and waterfalls. I live a mile and a half from the ocean, but do not go there, and if I did, I don't want a lot of people around me, for I like to have a time of peaceful quiet. I am not that fond of the desert, for it is too hot for me, I get heat stroke easily.





Sara L. Hockenbery
138 Howard Street
Ventura, CA 93003-2613



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by 2nd Lt. Julieanux and Comm. Sanni Ceto




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