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Three Cases of Real-life Ghost Whisperers


by 2nd Lieutenant Julieanux

Case No. 1:  It was on Jan. 15, 2007, and this was Martin Luther King Day. We had already planned to cross over 100 of the people who had perished in the Dome in New Orleans from the Katrina storm, so I had invited Martin Luther King and his family to cross over also with his family, and they were happy to do this, and I also asked Gerald Ford, who has just done his transition, to come also. Well, that was a wonderful experience that night, for they all sang the song Swing Lo Sweet Chariot, but I changed the words of the song, for it fit with what they were to experience that night. Here are what the words were:

Sing low, sweet shuttle craft,
Coming for to carry me home
Swing low, sweet shuttle craft,
Coming for to carry me home.
We looked over Terra and what did we see,
Comin' for to carry me home?
A band of E.T.s lookin' after me,
Comin' for to carry me home.

Anyway, they were all singing this together and holding hands as they all boarded the shuttle craft to go to the mother ship, for they were all starseeds.

Case No. 2:  This crossover was Feb. 12, 2007, and again we crossed over 100 souls from the Dome in New Orleans. This time, it was James Brown whom we asked to join them. He was sticking around because of his body that was still at his home, and I finally got him to talk as loud as he could to his family, to just go ahead and bury him, for his family had waited way too long to do so. Well, anyway, he convinced them to do this, so that night was also a very moving night. For as they were all about to cross over into the space craft, James Brown led them all in song and they had a very joyous time together. This is why I love this work, for it is very rewarding when I see them all so happy and finally able to go home.

Case No. 3:  I have many sisters on Meropia (2), and this sister has done a special work and I wanted to tell you all about her. Her name is Sata, and she, too, crosses souls over, but they are the four- legged ones. She has crossed all of the pets that died in that terrible Katrina storm. And, to me, this is fantastic. For this is why I have tried my best to tell all of you that humans are not the only ones with souls. For our pets and other animals have souls as well, and they are all very special, and we need to all be more loving and respectful of them.

I want to mention this to all of you out there, that we have given our duty of the earthbound souls over to our beloved Yahweh, for he said that he will help take the many souls to their homes. And so we will just be making sure now that the earthbound souls find the safe haven that I have created for them, and then Yahweh will take care of getting them home, and I owe him so much thanks for taking over this big operation, much like what Moses did when he crossed them over the Red Sea. Yes, dear ones, there will always be earthbound souls, but they won't have to wait hundreds of years not to go home.



2nd Lieutenant Julieanux




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