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My Favorite Things


Dear Star Seeds:

This is about things that make you happy when the weather is either cold or you feel lonely.

I have a thing for mashed potatoes with gravy and spinach and a hot dog, with already prepared mustard and Miracle whip dressing that I mix up. So it makes me feel good. The other is the famous Bob's Big Boy Hamburger, but they went out of business here in Ventura, CA . I also love chocolate ice cream with marshmallow topping on it, and they finally have it again in the stores. Then there is our famous potato salad and peanut butter on bread to go with it. Do any of you remember the great foot-long hot dogs? Well, I do, and they also had these French fries that were crinkly and ohhhh so good. And they had a place in Eagle Rock, CA, where they had this special different color caramel corn...

Wow, those were the days, I can tell you. Back then, when you would buy a Dr. Pepper, it was not overly sweet and it was in a glass bottle, and sooo good. I guess when you are a young child, everything tastes better to you. Like a hot fudge sundae, or a date shake. Yum. In Oxnard, CA, they had this cafeteria called Furr's, and they had the best food, I worked there for a while, and loved it, I even ended up making the salads for them.

In the heart of the city of Los Angeles, they used to have a cafeteria called Clifton's, and the theme of it was a Hawaiian forest, and they had canaries that would sing so beautifully to the Hawaiian music, and little waterfalls in there. But again, that is gone, too.

I think we all need to remember the good things in our lives, for it does help us when we are low.
We need to take a walk to where it is pleasant for us and can help us become centered again, and nature is the best place. I was working on a place for myself, in my own back yard, but because of taking care of my mom and cleaning houses for elderly people at that time, etc. I have neglected a lot of it. And, you know, it is hard to get back to it, for there is so much overgrown. But I must do a little at a time, for it took a long time to get out of shape. All I know is this, I plan to someday have a fountain and a hammock set up to rest in, when I go to my far back yard. I have the hammock, but I need a stand for it.

I feed the birds every day, and I love to watch them as they do what they do, and listen to them sing when they are happy. I have many fruit trees and flowers, etc., so I am busy a lot when I get in the mood for taking care of them. I don't have time to be bored. And, yes, I do write and am trying to get back to my book, but it's not easy.

Now that my Ghost Whisperer and Medium gifts are gradually waking up more and more, this also keeps me busy, but I love it and would not have it any other way. For I feel good when I help a soul or many of them cross over, it fills me with a lot of joy. I have many gifts, and if I was the doubting kind, none of them would come to me, for I have a very strong belief system, and I don't have to have proof that what I hear and feel is real, for I know it is.

Oh there are some that do not think what I am saying is true, so they go to my friend, for proof, and that does make me sad, for I do know what I am talking about. So, for now, until I have my gifts full strength, I will stay in the background and wait till it is my turn to become noticed and believed. For we all must be patient, and all we can do is plant the seed in them and wait. I am also an Ascended Master in training, and this is to bring these gifts so I can teach. I am already one, but have studies still to do, so as I can do my job correctly.

And I am an Emotional healer as well. So, anyway, anyone that has not know me very well, I hope this has helped for you to know me better. And last, but not least, I do not channel, for this is not needed, and besides I don't want to channel and do readings, that's not why I am here, and I am not into New Age, for I don't believe in it, because it is false nonsense. And Yahweh has mentioned, too, that he did not sanction any of these things that this New Age movement is telling you, for they are all untrue.

Well, bye for now, and know that I love all of you deeply, and if you ever want to talk, just send me an e-mail. I do not accept phone calls, for I am too busy for that, and I do not talk way late at night, and I do not talk on the chat line, for it to me a big waste of precious time, that other things can be done. As far as phone calls, I only call someone in an emergency, and I never did like talking on the phone.

Sara / Julieanux




Sara L. Hockenbery
138 Howard Street
Ventura, CA 93003-2613



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by 2nd Lt. Julieanux and Comm. Sanni Ceto


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