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Message from Jayamah

Children of the Light:

It is my pleasure to talk to all of you at this time of new beginnings.

Most of us, from time to time, have had stress from the everyday, mundane life

living on Planet Earth. But as hard as it is, we must let it go, and keep on going.

Reason being, not even one of us is any different than another, we all have problems.

The secret is not to dwell on them.

There are so many different types of missions that most of us have, and some are technical, then some are not.

Some are of a highly spiritual nature. But know that whether big or small, they are all very important.

Having missions of the arts are good ways to awaken the ones that need help.

Music, and any of the different art media, are great ways to help open those in a very soothing way.

Sports of the kind that help your bodies stay healthy are also good for us.

The main thing here is to keep this temple that your soul lives in, in tip-top shape and health.

In this way, doing your Earth mission is a lot more enjoyable.

To give an example, beloved ones, I was able to have a body that is healthy this lifetime.

But I, too, have to remember to treat it better, and at times I forget.

Walking, not jogging, is the best. I had a doctor tell me this one time, when I was little stressed out

with some problem of the past. So he had me stay away from salt, which was hard on me,

and also things with sugar, and to drink a lot of distilled water.

Eat only fresh fruit and vegetables. Canned goods have way too many preservatives in them,

which our bodies don't need. So I lost 50 pounds when I did this.

Some have asked me when they will be able to have the gifts they had on their home world to use now.

I can say this: This is why the Commander Ceto and I have been doing our newsletter,

so all of you can re-learn the things you used to know.

Most of you are still in kindergarten, so to speak, as far as your evolvement goes.

I have been at this since 1982, and at a different now and still learning much, much more.

You all have great potential, but you must not give up on what you are doing.

Meditation and practice, and staying away from negative influences, and channels that charge you

an arm and a leg to tell you something, that unless you get another opinion, you will be duped.

Ask Commander Ceto, for she will tell the truth, and does not charge unless you want

an indepth past-life reading, then it takes some study to find your information.

But rest assured, she is not a channel, and so you will get the truth.

I have some new gifts now, and one I am still learning how to use.

I am now a ghost whisperer, but not like the one on TV.

I am also a healer of emotions and a few other things of that nature.

But to use these, I must study and work with them, and at them, all the time.

This is why you will not see me on the chat line, for I need to be in a very quiet atmosphere

to be able to do these things.

When you have these spiritual gifts that were given by Yahweh and Jesus the Christ,

you must never charge money for these services.

So, beloved ones, you must know, I love you all very much, and some to me

when you are feeling down, and I will listen to you.


Namasté from Jayamah




Crossing over earthbound souls


by 2nd Lt. Julieanux and Comm. Sanni Ceto



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